Testimonials from Users of Translighters:  Dmitri Stanislavovich Hlebnikov A businessman from Moscow Last year in autumn, I broke my arm when I was working at my cottage. A plaster cast was applied to my arm. I was told to return in a month and a half to remove the plaster cast. The arm began to swell a lot. I followed… Read more →

Biointernet System

Structural Impact on DNA Purification

Research of Impact of IMCS* Structures on the Stability of Experiments Using Molecular Biology Methods. Microbial culture inoculation and growing in artificial media. Stable DNA purification from various materials (cultured microbial media, soils, agarose gel). Improving quality of electrophoresis reactions. Successful amplification and restriction by molecular genomic and physical methods. The study was performed using system adapters Translighter Super, Translighter… Read more →

Light emission

Research of Translighters

Extracts from some of the reports on research of Translighters   Siberian Department of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Yakutsk) The device “Translighter” first and foremost activates rather selectively anti-toxic function of enzymes. The “Translighter” makes normalizing influence on very complicated structural-functional systems of human blood cells (leucocytes). Read more →

Human Light System

Human Light System Course

Translighters theory and practice on the Human Light System Course Welcome to Human Light System project! This is Research project, established by IUMAB at 2012. About the project: Human Light System About experimental online-offline course: Human Light System Course Human Light System Forum Read more →


Translighters webinar with Dr. Avdeev – 11 November 2014

Webinar with Dr. Sergey Avdeev Webinar with Dr. Sergey Avdeev about Translighters technologies, The Biointernet and Human Light System project. 11 November 2014 Language: Russian, English   Translighters – The Biointernet Devices Equipment for Meditation, Teleportation, Intuitive Information Sight and other practices Home appliance Translighters New quality of your electrical/mechanical machines, clothes and other stuff Translighters – Personal development devices Rejuvenation… Read more →


Translighter LEADER

TRANSLIGHTER LEADER Translighters Leader allows developing informal leadership traits by increasing the Glowing characteristics of a person. There are lots of publications and trainings dedicated to the matter of developing leadership characteristics. These publications and trainings are looking at different personal characteristics and are providing people with a set of recommendations on how to further develop these qualities. Translighters Leader… Read more →