Translighter DeLight

An effective tool, which intensifies your ability to neutralize various kinds of parasitism.

• Creates proper conditions for accumulation of your personal energy.
• Lowers the risk of overexertion, tiredness and exhaustion.
• Increases the quality of system connections of your relationships.
• Lowers the level of anxiety, helps to recover from depression.
• Intensifies your vitality and the joy of living.
• Helps to transform personal relationships.
• Helps to get rid of pathological addictions (physical, psychological, emotional or informational).
• Increases sociability and mutual understanding between people.
• Increases the amount of the Good in your life.

Light connections and “energy vampirism”

First of all, the DELIGHT system adapter influences the relationships of energy and information nature, which are known as “energy vampirism”. In order to understand the mechanism of functioning of the adapter more deeply, let’s examine the light nature of parasitism.
Every living being in its everyday life interacts with other living beings. As a result, an exchange of living light between them takes place, which can create new light connections. It can cause either the increase of quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the people’s living light owing to creation of new light connections (if the interaction is optimal), or their decrease because of the noise and accumulated distractions. People usually have different light characteristics. Apart from the difference in quantity and intensity, the living light can also have different quality*.
Optimal development of relationships between two people leads to a range of compromises, which can enable their light characteristics to increase. It creates concord between the two participants, so both of them get an advantage from these relationships. In this case both people feel enthusiasm, inspiration, warmth and security. For example, such are the relationships between an experienced teacher and an interested student.
However, there are also other situations that can happen in real life. It often happens that one participant of relationships wins, and the other one loses. One of them improves his or her light characteristics, while the other one spoils them. This often happens if one of them has low light characteristics. When the donor (the participant of the relationships who emanates more light) does not get enough light in return, this kind of relationships makes him or her feel loss and exhaustion. In everyday life it is called “energy vampirism”.
Sometimes a third variant is also possible, when both partners experience a decrease of their light characteristics. This usually happens when both participants of the relationships initially had a low level of light.

What do you gain from using the DELIGHT?

The DELIGHT creates proper conditions for establishing additional light connections. It increases the order of light characteristics and reduces distortions and noise. The user “illuminates” their partner using their transformed Living Light, which gives strength to the partner. The nature of relationships changes, so there is a possibility to bring these relationships to a new level of mutual support and mutual strengthening. This means that the user stops losing their energy (light) and begins to increase the quantity and quality of their own living light, and at the same time improves the light of other people. This improvement will be manifest by means of the increase of the Good. Goodness, goodwill, good-neighbourhood and conscientiousness in relationships with other people will increase.
However, it is not always possible to achieve these qualitative changes quickly and easily. Because of various kinds of noise and limitations, caused by the environment, unpreparedness or limitations of perception it can take longer time till these interactions reach a new level.
In this case a transitional period begins, which is related to gathering proper light qualities by the user of the DELIGHT. During some period of time reorganization of light connections will take place, some of the connections will get weaker, others will get stronger. Such changes can be manifest in different ways – for example, the person can lose interest in communication, find some urgent tasks to solve rather than continue interaction with the “energy vampire”, the person’s interest can change (they can find new hobbies). All in all, the attention of one object towards the other one decreases abruptly. If the complex relationships originally had a potential for mutual development, after some period of time reorganization of light connections can take place, which will ensure necessary conditions for entering the mutual strengthening mode. In this case the relationships can resume on a new qualitative level without manifestation of parasitism.
The DELIGHT helps to reduce different kinds of addictions, i.e. tobacco, alcohol or drugs addiction, as well as harmful informational and psychological addictions. It reduces the level of depression and anxiety, increases vitality and joy of life. Sincere relationships get stronger and become brighter and more sensual. The DELIGHT improves the general positive mood and helps you to establish priorities of interests in your life more correctly.

User manual
For successful use of the DELIGHT you need to formulate your intension or wish. The DELIGHT will give strength to your intension and accelerate its manifestation in your life. In order to intensify the effect of the DELIGHT, use various imitational models and scientific fantasy (you can learn practical skills of creating and applying imitational models during seminars of the Biointernet school).
The DELIGHT can become an additional module of any Translighters device, which is designed as a plastic card. The DELIGHT can also be used separately. Keep it in a place, which is convenient for you (for example, in your wallet or pocket). Avoid prolonged contact with skin.
* The quality of living light is a general name, used for various characteristics of the Light, which are inherent in every living being (intensity, fractality, fragmentariness, etc.) The quality of living light, along with the quantity of the light, ensures effectiveness of light interactions with yourself and other objects, as well as effectiveness of your relationships with the world in general. The quality of light can be estimated by means of modern diagnostic devices, for example, GDVcamera Bio-Well, designed by Dr. K. Korotkov.
I found myself experiencing a very interesting physical feeling. I was in a condition of “smoothness”, i.e. as if I was walking THROUGH space, territories, people, through time, maybe? I didn’t stick to people energetically, but at the same time I could interact with them easily when I needed to. I began to see and feel the borders of my etheric body, as well as etheric bodies of people around me… So I sort of experienced a condition of greater energy freedom, and at the same time it was a condition of peaceful coexistence with all people and objects around me… There is also a condition of informational freedom, i.e. you depend less on any kind of information, especially negative one… I have this feeling when I wear the Master pendant, but after I got the DELIGHT this informational freedom became more perceptible… All negative thoughts and conditions that come to me (and now they already come very seldom) are perceived sort of from the outside, I don’t take them personally, so they just disappear by themselves… So the DELIGHT really smooths over, eliminates all “parasitic” negative information… Indeed, I have a physical feeling of “smoothness” while facing all negative things… As if some transparent energy-informational film has been put on me:)
There was a case at my workplace, when I had to put one person back in his proper place, and then in 15 minutes he used the first chance to pour out all his negative emotions on me (when he was doing this, his expression was different from the one he had before when he had been angry, and his words were also different, as if he was trying to hurt me on purpose, to make his negative mood affect me more). I was taken aback, then in about five minutes I felt as if the whole space around me, from head to foot, was seething or boiling up, or maybe burning… Anyway, this condition was new for me, I had never experienced it before. After that I had to sit in the same car with that guy for about four hours, as we had some business issue to solve. I didn’t have a bad mood, but he was wheezing (literally!) all the time and didn’t utter a word… I had the Super and the DELIGHT with me 🙂
Calmness – it’s true, I had never thought before that it is possible to look at things without an excessive negative assessment. While I was driving together with this guy for 4 hours, I could see clearly that he was creating provoking situations, and to my own surprise I kept reacting in such a way, that he failed to provoke me, and this made him wheeze even more… Why didn’t I know about such an ability before…

I had the DELIGHT for a relatively short period of time, about one month. I bought it together with the Translighter Blaga, that’s why it is difficult to distinguish its pure effect. At first I couldn’t get on without it at all – I had to put it near my pillow during the night, and I often controlled if it was still there. As for my feelings, at first I felt such a pure joy. After a few days of wearing it interesting things began to happen to me. I kind of began to “see” zones, in which energy was being lost, in the streets and in metro. It looked in different ways, for example, as some grey mist over the pavement, or some whirls. There’s a section on my way to work, where I usually don’t like to walk along the pavement, but instead try to pass this section along the road. With the DELIGHT I saw clearly that there were a few meters of this bad zone. Then there was a case when I was having lunch with my colleagues, they were talking, and again I saw distinctly that one of them had a tentacle that was coming out of her head and sticking to heads of the others. But I was kind of sitting separately, I had a feeling that I was in a totally different space. So this is the interesting effect of using the DELIGHT – I can’t say that it creates some protective field or defends you, but it kind of enables you to get to an absolutely different space, so you can’t even get onto interaction with this vampirism. Frankly speaking, I was frightened by this kind of pictures, so after that I stopped seeing them. As for other effects, I began to feel clearly when acquaintances or friends were trying to use me somehow or convince me of something. Moreover, before such things caused protest and aggression in me, but after I got the DELIGHT, I began to treat them in a calm way, again I felt as if I was in a different space and these things had nothing to do with me.