Translighters Leader allows developing informal leadership traits by increasing the Glowing characteristics of a person.

There are lots of publications and trainings dedicated to the matter of developing leadership characteristics. These publications and trainings are looking at different personal characteristics and are providing people with a set of recommendations on how to further develop these qualities. Translighters Leader is a tool that allows to develop leadership characteristics in a more effective way and within shorter timeframe. Let us have a look what kind of leadership characteristics can be improved with the application of Translighters Leader and why it is possible at all. It goes without saying that it is impossible to review all the leadership characteristics so we are going to analyze the main ones here.
Translighters Leader helps to improve and increase the following personal characteristics necessary for a leader as:


The impression created is that it is easy to be a leader if you can learn to be one. It looks like the only thing required is to follow a set of rules and after that any person can become a leader. However a genuine leader is a person who is at the front and who is being followed by others. Moreover it is the situation not only for work related environment but for social and family ones as well. There is always someone who leads and someone who follows in all types of relationship
Translighters – Leader device helps to develop leadership qualities informally via development of person’s Glowing characteristics. Leader can walk the roads which are closed for others. Other people would not even try to go there as they consider this task impossible (unbeneficial, worthless). They are not trying as do not see the goal, what can be gained and achieved by moving in this or that direction. That is why Leader is the one who sets a goal-direction. He is the one who creates conditions for others to perform a required action, sets goals, determine the direction to move to and sets an example. So to say Leader is the center of light, he is the one who is burns with ideas and wishes and who is able to make others burn with these ideas and dreams too. That is why it is important that Leader has required glowing characteristics.
Translighters – Leader helps a person to change these Glow characteristics.
Increase in the intensity of glowing. Leader has to be brighter. If he/she lives an interesting, yummy life, his/her glow can be perceived by others as liquid crystal which will trigger the informational exchange via glowing channel without the need for verbal communication. It also means that the glow of Svetlitsa Leader user will help to clean the liquid crystal structure of other people around and as a result to increase their expertise. Leader will get the ability to exchange different qualities via Glow and this will bring the leader t the new level of competency and confidence. This is the kind of Glow that attracts people. It increases magnetism and charismatic quality of Leader.
Increase in complexity of glow. Every person has his/her own glowing. This glow has its own characteristics which are brightness, fracture, volume, frequency and some others. Leader has to have the characteristics of the glowing that can unite people around him/her together in a team. So to say Leader has to have universal glowing which goes with different types of glowing. As an example let us look at the adding of fractions. Let us assume that glowing characteristics of one person equals 1/5, the other person is 1/7. Then their denominator is 35 and it is significantly more than 5 or 7. This way Leader’s glowing complexity should be universal to other members of the team. Only if it is the case a person can be a Leader and unite others.

Translighters Leader allows the person to gradually change the characteristics of glowing towards universality and this creates the conditions for life creativity. Multidimensional nature of Leader gives him/her the opportunity to receive and transform the information not only from the past but from future as well. It develops the ability to see the perspective, flexibility of behavioral patterns and sensitivity to the environment. The multidimensional glowing of the Leader allows him/her to inspire the team to solving new tasks easily. Leader also gets extra belief in his/her skills and rightness, based on the multidimensional perception of the situation and ability to consolidate different points of view into new goals, new ways of resolving problems, new opportunities.

Emerging of the life creativity allows the Translighters Leader user to create live time in the structure of liquid crystal. This time fills the person with the new quality which is life creativity – the ability to change and cerate life. This ability to create new live systems gradually start to emerge itself in all the deeds and actions of a person. Usual non-living systems reduce the reliability when there is an increase in the quantity of the elements within the system. Living systems have extra links through light time which increase reliability with the increase in quantity of the elements. As a result mutual help and mutual support increase among the elements of the system. Svetlitsa Leader user who is working with creating and maintaining non-living system will be able to transfer into it some characteristics of a living system. As a result this non-living system will become more reliable and the quality of its functioning will increase as well.
When Translighters Leader user is in the living system, like working environment, he/she will be able to support colleagues by giving a helpful hand and providing word of comfort during hard time and as a result it will improve the team’s spirit. Leader’s sociability will increase as he/she will be operating with new living word which is important in this particular moment and which has the power to unite people and increase their strength.

New living links form net of links which starts to help Leader to solve new problems in front of him. His/her glowing unfolds a new area of his/her own personality which was not available before. This area becomes active and helps to activate Leader’s potential to the fullest. The proactive approach is becoming so strong that Leader begins to interact and operate with surroundings easily and have wisdom that show him/her the right course of actions. Imitation models are easily constructed made themselves visible in unexpected changes in reality and dream realization. Leader unites all the actions of the elements included into the system forming so called symbiosis. Symbiosis of actions reveals abilities and potentials of person without limiting the area of application. Imitation model unfolds and the new more perfect and unpredictable model is created. Unpredictability reveals itself in being impossible to be caught and taken over. As a result “know how” is created and the new personality – A Leader emerges. Living glowing links, united into the net, provide the formation of stable groups of people, creating team spirit. These kinds of teams are able to solve the problems impossible for a single person and as a result this unites people within the team (company, family, social group) even more.
It is necessary to keep in mind that every person has his/her own way and his/her own guiding star. Paradox is that Leader’s way is based on substitution of someone’s guiding star by Leader’s one. This substitution requires a high level of responsibility and informal approach from the Leader towards his/her way formation and behavioral pattern. At the same time the new layered structure of reality is scaled and the new mode of operating with this reality is projected. The new creative potential is realized as the opportunity to manage new light of fate. Super powers emerge as the flow of understanding of your own goals and aims.

Another question to be answered is if there is a couple of Translighters Leader users within one group will it result in competition and battles between them? Of cause not. There will be no battles. Every person has strengths and weaknesses. Every one is a Leader in something unique. Application of Translighters Leader will increase the strengths and create the possibilities for co-work and strengthening each other. Also the ability to find additional points for compromise will arise that will be beneficial for everyone in a team. So to say the leadership qualities will unfold themselves in ideas generation, extra motivation and successful self realization. Competition within a group will only decrease with Svetlitsa Leader usage by all group members.


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