The TRANSLIGHTER COMFORT is a device for spatial correction of structural distortions in buildings.

Factors such as electromagnetic fields, geopathogenic zones, acoustic fields etc., distort the spatial structure, and consequently, the natural structures of people, animals, plants, etc., which are in this space. In this case the informational exchange between objects and the environment is distorted and disorders occur in their work. In the case of people, it may lead to an increase of fatigability, a weaker immune system, a disorder of the heart-and-vessel system, etc. 

Prolonged influence of pathogenic factors leads to the oppression of the organs and to the appearance of different chronic diseases. After the elimination of spatial structural distortions which happens due to the device TRANSLIGHTER COMFORT, people feel an improvement of their psycho-emotional state and their capacity for work at the expense of restoring their own structures. Kirlian photography proves this effect…

In the pictures you can see Kirlianograms (Kirlian photos) of the human aura before and after using the device.

The Kirlianograms are taken before entering the “corrected” room where the Svetlitsa-Windows was used and 30 min. after having been in the room where the TRANSLIGHTER COMFORT was used.

The function of the spatial system adapter TRANSLIGHTER COMFORT

Most people perceive the outer world with their six organs of the senses. The major part of information (up to 80 %) is perceived through eyesight. However we can perceive electromagnetic radiation only in an optical range which is a small fraction from all the scale of electromagnetic radiations. In fact we can see the world through a narrow slit of the optical range and we try to understand how this world is made up. We cannot see our aura, the air – if it is clean, the structure of the space and many other things. That is why we perceive the invisible world around us inadequately. But this world can influence people strongly. We can observe this influence by a change of our mood, health and desires. And, the influence is not always favorable.

There is such a notion as geopathogenic zones. When you are in this zone you feel bad, you may become aggressive. Being in this kind of zone for a long time can even cause diseases. There used to be such expressions as “clean place” and “god-forsaken place”. In “clean” places people built houses and churches; and they usually avoided “god-forsaken” places. Nowadays such traditions are no longer used in building construction. Most people do not know in what places they live. People add man-made dangers to natural ones. Bad communication, electric wiring within the house walls and incorrect architectural decisions bring forth additional distortions of spatial structures of the buildings. People feel uncomfortable in such buildings; they get tired more quickly and make more mistakes. The influence of the spatial structure on people can be fixed by special instruments. For example, it is possible to measure the luminosity of people using the Kirlian photography. In a good, clean space you emit a brighter light, but in a “dirty” space your luminosity is weaker and has many defects in the structure.

The BLAGA has developed a device for correcting the structure of space in buildings. They are two labels for windows and are called TRANSLIGHTER COMFORT. Under the effect of these labels a modification of the window structure takes place. As a result, the light going through the window with this device acquires the quality of a coordinator of structures – your structure and the spatial structure. We speak not only about the visible light, but the invisible part of the specter as well. So the device works both in buildings with windows and practically in any other type of building.

When the spatial structure of a building is coordinated with the structure of a person, it is comfortable and pleasant for people to be there. Gradually interpersonal relations normalize, people feel better. They become more efficient and active. In offices the parameters of business improve, turnover grows as well as the quality of labor. We can judge about improvements in peoples’ states in buildings with the TRANSLIGHTER COMFORT by a qualitative change in their luminosity. The brightness of the aura increases and its volume and density grow (see the kirlianograms). It means that the quality of life of the people in this building, increased, and this will be demonstrated in their everyday events and business affairs.