Testimonials from Users of Translighters: 

Dmitri Stanislavovich Hlebnikov
A businessman from Moscow

Last year in autumn, I broke my arm when I was working at my cottage. A plaster cast was applied to my arm. I was told to return in a month and a half to remove the plaster cast. The arm began to swell a lot. I followed my friend’s advice and put the Translighter on top of the plaster cast. In three weeks I went to X-ray the arm. There were no traces of the fracture. The bone had knitted correctly. My doctor was very surprised. He said, that if he had not been the one who had applied the plaster cast, he would never have believed it.

Tatiana Sredina
A psychologist from Munich, Germany

When I learned of the Translighter, I realized that in Germany, it could become very popular. Germans are a practical people, as they like to check everything. Those who have access to diagnostic equipment, such as that of Electroacupuncture – Voll devices, GDV devices, blood analyzers, etc., can prove the efficiency of the Translighters by measuring via their own specific parameters. In almost all cases, positive dynamics of changes are detected. However, many people trust their own feelings, such as experiencing total pain relief and an overall improvement in health. Usually a remarkable reduction of pain, for example, in the back, occurs within 20-50 minutes.

Laslo Karvai
A Trade Representative of the Republic of Hungary in Russia

I have been using the Translighter nonstop for almost a year. However, I was far from seeing its effect immediately. I have diabetes. Everyday, I would use a device to measure my blood sugar and blood pressure. There has been no medication to reduce my blood sugar to less than 8 units. Sometimes it jumped up to 20. A couple of months after beginning to carry the Translighters in the pocket of my jacket, I noticed that the lower range of variation of my blood sugar began to decrease. Gradually it reached 4. Now, the upper one never gets higher than 10. Although at that time, I did not undergo any additional therapy, the pressure also gradually normalized. It enabled me to reduce the dosage of medication I was taking. I began to feel significantly better. As I really love sweet stuff, sometimes now, I let myself eat a bit of that. I am really thankful to the creators of the Translighters.

Alexandr Zhurbin
A famous composer, a groundbreaker of the Russian musical, the author of the first Soviet opera “Orpheus and Eurydice”

Nowadays, everybody is obsessed with living a healthy lifestyle, consuming bio products and extremely clean water. As for me, I have recently discovered an amazing tool – the bionormalizer. It somehow brings the structure of the water in order, “correcting” it. So, I put this thing under the jar with drinking water, then I drink it and my health definitely improves. Although it may sound strange, given that 80% of the human body is essentially made up of water, probably some positive structural changes happen internally, as well. I recommend it to you!

Sergei Nikolaevich Atamas
Director General of the YugResursCenter Ltd. from Rostov-on-Don

I have been doing business for already, many years; that’s why I understand that in business, the energy of a person plays a very important role. If you have good energy-flow, your business runs smoothly, without failures. I practice various techniques for building my energy such as, Wushu, and Qi Gong. Use of the Translighters also helps to increase the level of energy of a person. As for my personal experience, the Translighter helped me to reveal some hidden threats that had existed in my factory. They existed before, as well, but I did not notice them. Perhaps some channels of perception were blocked. And suddenly, it was as if my eyes opened. I managed to fix the revealed defects with minimal losses which led to business stabilization for my company.

These are the results which I achieved while using the Translighters:

1. They help to solve chronic, difficult situations in life which have persisted for a long time.

2. They improve mutual understanding between people while communicating.

3. They normalize a person’s psychological state (help an excited person to relax, and brings energy to a listless person).

4. They help a person to relax physically and psychologically.

5. They facilitate the perception of new information, both visual (for example, while reading) and auditory (while listening to a lecture).

6. They improve a person’s abilities, connected with sports and games: it was noted that the coordination of the table tennis players improved significantly, as well as their ability to “feel the ball” and the power to hit the ball. All in all, the Translighters improve a person’s perception in various sporting activities.

Tatiana Sudeets

The most cheerful anchorperson of Soviet and Russian television, a favorite of children and adults of all generations, who grew up watching the “Good Night, Little Ones!” program. My mother Evgenia Anatolievna, is still healthy, thank God. When people ask her, her age, she replies, “I’m eighteen..’til one hundred years old!“
At 82, she is a great-grandmother of two kids, she takes care of the house, the household, the cottage and a huge garden. I have bought the Translighter for her, but I use it successfully on myself too – I am terribly busy, I get exhausted and it helps me to restore my energy (my energy is not enough to handle everything). My blood pressure, as well as my mother’s, has always been very unsteady (in our family history), and medicine has been unable to stabilise the abrupt changes. Till now, everything has stabilized, and in general, we have more energy. At the end of May, my mother, the Translighter and I are going to a sanatorium in Crimea with the goal to further improve the state of our health. I believe that the Translighter is a guarantee that brightness will come to your life. Just try it!

Olga Kavarskene
A masseuse from Vilnius, Lithuania

My son was writing a diploma thesis at the university. He used to spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen. I saw him getting tired, his eyes having turned red and sore. He began to have difficulty sleeping due to the stress. I bought him a Lad to put on his computer and mobile phone and I was astonished by the result. My son began to look more refreshed and was able to sleep better, his mood and capacity for work significantly improved. He defended his diploma thesis brilliantly. I also use the Translighter myself. It really helps me a lot, both at work and at home. I began to recommend the Translighter to my clients. I noticed that the positive impact of my work greatly improved. Before that, every time after I had succeeded in restoring the wellbeing of a client using massage and various kinds of treatment, they returned to their environment, from where they initially became susceptible to becoming ill, and in a short period of time came back to me with the same problems. Now after completing the treatment the person buys a Translighter and it keeps them in this healthy condition. Therefore the efficiency of my work has increased due to the Translighters. My clients also, often thank me for recommending the Translighters to them.
For example, one client of mine complained that she had been trying to have a baby for a few years, but could not. Each time, pregnancy was followed by a miscarriage – in spite of the fact that she was undergoing treatment under the supervision of various experts. She followed my advice and attached a Translighter to her clothes at the level of her waist, wearing it during the whole period of pregnancy while, at the same time, taking the treatment prescribed to her by her doctors. Childbirth was successful. Now she has already given birth to her second child. She puts the Translighter on her baby’s bed, under the pillow.

Tatiana Navka
A figure skater, a world champion and Olympic champion in ice skating

I can assess this device from a sportsman’s point of view. As you know, there is a very strict doping control in sports, so I found it funny that this offering of strength and energy could become a “secret weapon” for Russian athletes! Of course, it is important to carry out serious systematic tests of this invention of Russian scientists. It probably has really big prospects for use in sports – such a useful, unprohibited form of energy doping!

A Girl Materializing Her Wish Come True from Moscow

Yesterday evening I took two photos of mine sized 3”х5”. I put one of them on top the other, placing one of them against the mirror and the other, facing me on the mirror. I then, put the Translighter Super on top of both of them… Then, I immediately employed a technique of materialization – materializing wishes come true… I was looking at myself in the mirror… A golden ray of light was coming out of my third eye from my reflection, it was coming into my ajna, going down into my heart center, passing through it and then going into the heart center of the reflection… So there was a closed circle of energy… I began to direct this circle through myself and in about five minutes fell asleep… But at the same time, I kept a wish in my mind that I wanted one person from the past to materialize – for example, to call or to arrive. That person was in another country and I had not heard from him for many years. I was imagining (visualizing) him brightly and vividly in every detail… The materialization process took two days… Then the person called me from another country.

Sviatoslav Belza
A People’s Artist of Russia, an honored artist; an academic of the Russian Academy of Arts, the Russian and Eurasian Television Academy; a member of the Writers’ Union, the Union of Journalists and the Union of Theatre Workers of the Russian Federation

The most important thing about this device is that it follows the adage of Hippocrates: “Do no harm!” Actually, it seems to me that I have already begun to feel its life-giving energy. I have become more cheerful after exhausting journeys. And I have registered its positive effect on my pet with absolute certainty – I mean the famous cat Bastik, which has appeared so many times in the press: his appetite and mood got much better after the Translighters were brought to our house. So I recommend that you try it yourself and at the same time, to use it for your pets!

Olga Evgenievna Egorova
A Director General of the “Aya” Ltd. from St. Petersburg

I bought the Translighter in May 2006. My whole family drinks water purified by the Translighter. When I have to conduct high-level negotiations, or have to deal with people with whom are difficult to communicate, I always take the Translighter with me. Every time I see that the ability to communicate improves. As I know that the radius of the Translighter’s action and effect is 1-1,5 meters, I try to communicate with others within this zone. The
Translighters affect them as well, and it is obvious that they begin to change for the better. Their faces get brighter, their eyes start shining, they begin to smile. That is why I try not to hurry during negotiations, but to wait until the Translighters have their effect. People usually begin to listen more, and understand me better.


Natalia Kuliasova

I had heard about the Translighter before I read about it in a newspaper. But I did not know where I could get it. And then I turned out to be pregnant. I was very afraid to catch a cold, or another virus. And taking vaccines during pregnancy is prohibited, as it could harm the baby even more. So I thought that if the Translighter really activated the energy of a person, it surely should also improve the person’s immunity! I bought it, delivered to me by post. And now I carry it with me all the time.
Firstly, all my symptoms of toxicosis disappeared. Secondly, it is already December, and my husband has already caught a cold twice with a temperature of 39 degrees, but luckily I had not even gotten either a head cold, or cough. I hope I will not get sick till February. If so, the first thing I will do will be to put my Translighter on my baby’s bed, so that it could continue to protect him.

Vyacheslav Zaitsev

A fashion designer, an artist, a poet, the president of the Moscow House of Fashion
This year I got the Translighter as a birthday present, and frankly, I forgot about it almost immediately, I did not even read the manual. But when my grandson found this device and understood how it worked, he began to use it. Now I have ordered two more devices for my dearest and closest ones– my son Egor, whom I am proud of, is an incredibly talented and original artist. And my granddaughter Marusia, who has been named after my mother, is beautiful and clever. Egor follows an original path in his creative work, which is substantially different from mine. And Marusia, in spite of her young age, is my soulmate, successor and my favorite student. I believe that the Translighter normalizer is useful for all people regardless of their age!

Olga Sam from Krivoy Rog, Ukraine

I would like to share with you an event that happened in my life this year due to the Tranglighter Blaga. I bought the Translighter Blaga a year ago. I am a teacher of German language. I have dreamt of going to Germany from since my school years. There is a Goethe Institute in Germany, which provides scholarships for learning German and advanced training. I had been planning to apply for the scholarship in this institute for a few years, but for some reason I didn’t. After buying the Translighter Blaga, I finally managed to submit the application two days before the deadline. And imagine my delight, when in four months I received a message that I had got a 1500 Euros scholarship (which included the price of the ticket, the training fee, as well as the expenses for food, accommodation and travelling) for a two-week course in Germany! I would like to add that the group consisted of only ten people from different parts of the world. The journey and my stay in Germany were very successful. I would also like to add, that some ex-classmates of mine have been writing to the Goethe Institute for already eight years, but they still have not received the invitation.
Try the Translighter Blaga, which will open the Way to your Dream and make it bright for the benefit of the World!

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