TRANSLIGHTER MAT BLISS – this product provides redistribution of your life potential from a chaotic one into the “bio-laser” type.

It helps you to quickly recover your organism and makes you more active and purposeful.

The TRANSLIGHTER MAT BLISS works as a net impulse adapter, capable to redistribute strains within you, causing relaxation.

The net impulse lattice of the adapter forms a background multi-modal laser bunch (pencil of rays) out of chaotic emissions coming from a person, thus concentrating your energy potential on solving urgent problems. Conditions for mobilizing your potential and for optimization of your life path are created. However, you yourself can realize these conditions and optimize your abilities. Your activity will be provided for by energy and will be motivated by your inner states. You should listen attentively to these states and be ready to take actions.

Characteristics of time change.

Time becomes thicker and gets filled with new significant events. Do not let these events go, do not ignore them, pay attention to favorable signs.

How to use MAT BLISS:

Lie on the mat or cover yourself with it in the morning after sleep and in the evening before sleep for 10-20 minutes.

The time of the procedure can be changed depending on the sensations.