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17 thoughts on “Translighters Store”

  1. Dear Staff:

    i found out about your Translighters products via the IUMAB website and Dr. Korotkov’s; but when i got into your website for more info, honestly i got quite overwhelmed with your numerous product options, each with some many fine distinctions that i really couldn’t make any decision as which product i should choose .. if ..

    due to the fact that i have a budget constraint but at once have numerous health issues in my older years now (eg. heart, age-related deterioration, memory, stagnation, hair loss, hearing, etc.), i’d like to ask for your recommendation and advice as which One would be most fitting that would address the Most issues (eg. health, EMR, wealth .. aging issues).

    with much thanks and regards, Vee 😉

    1. Dear Vee,
      The best choice is Dealer Connect (50% discount). You will have all devices (with main functions). This is not expensive, but more than 1000 http://www.translighters.com/translighters-dealer-connect/
      For starting, we recommend Translighter Super http://www.translighters.com/the-translighter-super/.
      Second step is Translighter Mirror of ISIS http://www.translighters.com/translighter-mirror-of-isis/.
      Third step is Translighter BLAGA http://www.translighters.com/translighter-blaga/.
      This 3 Translighters is a complex structure. To order this complect with discount, please choose this one HEALTH SUCCESS EXPERIENCE http://www.translighters.com/translighters-store/#!/~/product/category=6246054&id=24525195.
      Light and Love! Kirill Korotkov

  2. Dear dr / Korotkov ,
    when the HLS Course may starts ?
    is their a package , for the Course + the Bio well GDV Camera + BIO Core + Sputnik+ Tanslighter+ GDV Ap calibration ? as i think the practical part by using the Devices parallel with the study of the Course would be great .

    Thank you
    Hesham Sami

    1. Dear Hesham,

      The course starts in February. There’re two packages set, but if you wish to add to one of them more devices or replace something, preserving the 15% discount, I can create a special invoice for you.

      Once the course starts, the course participants will have a 10% discount on purchasing the devices.

      You’re right, the practicing part of the course will be more effective, when using the devices with the study.

      You’re very welcome 🙂

  3. Hi, Olga!
    I have enrolled in the HLS course and already have the GDV camera, but was interested in the other products in the Magic Package. I was wondering if there are any discount package prices for the Biointernet Mask, Translighter Super and Translighter Eureka.

    1. Hello Karen, yes, you can upgrade to the Magic Package and have them for just the $350. If you wish, you could add more Translighters there, and they all will have the 15% discount when you buy them now all together (send me an email, I will create a special invoice, for you to have the discount).

      As an intuitive, I would recommend especially for you Blaga Gold (this one is blissfully good for you) and Econorm (I wonder why, are you driving?).

      Namaste 🙂

  4. dear Olga,

    I still waiting for your total price for Bio well camera the gdv and the Course with the 15 % i ordered today both of them , but i recieved the price of 1000+1299 +39 for shipping , with no discount!!! and then i found e,mail with the option to bay the platinum for 2620 plus 60 shipping but this is not what you offered me to change in your package to adjust to what i really need i do not need what in the package like the translighters and so on , as i
    hardly can bay for the Course and the Camera, with the discount kindly from your side, so what is the situation now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    many thanks

    1. Dear Hesham,

      I just sent you an email with the invoice, containing only the Course and the GDV camera. Did you get it?

      Metta 🙂

  5. i am overwhelmed to see your website and your products which are going to create new social consiousness and new society which will transform the world.

    i am PhD Research scholar in IIT INDORE (MP) INDIA. I am basically working on Cognitive science field.

    i want to invite you in our institute for demonstration of your products

  6. Anything specific you re interested in? You re welcome to check the Translighters store and the closest webinar, in which Dr. Avdeev will speak about the Translighters technology .

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